Famous Math Majors

Michael Jordan - basketball player, switched majors his junior year

David Robinson - basketball player, BS in mathematics from United States Naval Academy

Viginia Wade - tennis player, mathematics & physics degree from Sussex University

Teri Hatcher - actress, mathematics & engineering major at DeAnza Junior College

Danica McKellar - actress, mathematics major at UCLA

Art Garfunkel - musician, MA in mathematics from Columbia University, started PhD

Harry Blackmun - Supreme Court justice, mathematics degree from Harvard

William J. Perry - Secretary of Defense (Clinton), degrees from Stanford and Penn State, advisor George Polya

Corazon Aquino - President of Philippines, mathematics minor at the College of Mt. St. Vincent

Ralph Abernathy - Civil Rights leader, math major

David Dinkins - Mayor of New York, BA in mathematics from Howard University

Alberto Fujimori - President of Peru, master's degree in math from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Leon Trotsky - Russian revolutionary, began studying mathematics at Odessa in 1897, imprisoned in Siberia

Carl Rowan - syndicated columnist for Washington Post, mathematics degree from Oberlin College

Heloise - minored in mathematics

Larry Niven - science fiction writer, majored in mathematics

Alexander Solzhenitsyn - author, degree in mathematics & physics from the University of Rostov

J. P. Morgan - banking, steel, and railroad tycoon, mathematician

Ira Glasser - executive director of ACLU, BS and MA in mathematics

Lee Hsien Loong - Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, a Bachelor's degree from Cambridge

Laurence H. Tribe - Professor at Harvard Law School, BA in mathematics from Harvard

Phillip Glass - composer, a Bachelor's in mathematics from the University of Chicago

Carole King - singer-songwriter, dropped out after one year of college

Tom Lehrer - songwriter-parodist, PhD student in mathematics at Harvard

Bram Stoker - author of Dracula, took honors at Trinity University, Dublin

Christopher Wren - architect of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, majored in mathematics

John Maynard Keynes - economist, MA and 12th Wrangler, Cambridge University

Ed Thorpe - one of the inventors of program-trading on Wall Street, majored in mathematics

Davey Johnson - manager of the 1986 New York Mets, mathematics major

Frank Ryan - star quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, PhD in mathematics from Rice

Ted Kaczinski - unabomber, PhD in mathematics from University of Michigan

Ahmed Chalabi - Iraqi National Congress member, Ph.D. in mathematics from University of Chicago

Simeon DeWitt - George Washington's Chief Geographer (Revolutionary War), first math major at Rutgers

George Saitoti - vice-president of Kenya, Ph.D. in Algebraic Topology from Warwick University

Inaba Koshi - singer, majored in mathematics at Yokohama National University

Clifford Brown - fifties jazz trumpeter, majored in mathematics

Helene Foellinger - journalist, majored in mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champange

Kai Krause - computer graphics artist (MetaCreations), majored in mathematics

Dan Monson - basketball coach at the University of Minnesota, majored in mathematics

Margaret Ella Richter - Heaven's Gate member, majored in math, computer science & German at UC Berkeley





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